General Details

Drive Remote Control Panel
Type “DRCP”

Drive Remote Control Panel (DRCP) device is intended for monitoring and adjustment of different types drive systems. It implements user friendly plug & play design for quick connection and service activities.
DRCP is a compact pocket size and lightweight device, which eliminates the need for a PC or laptop. You can easily connect with the drive to adjust and monitor different parameters or maintain the drive system.



Techical Info
General Data
Degree of Protection
IP 20
Operation Temperature
-10ºC / + 50ºC
DisplayLCD / 16 characters x 2 lines / STN Negative / Blue Transmissive
Operator Keypad6 buttons – [Up], [Down], [Escape], [Data/Enter], [Start], [Stop]
RS 232/485* / MODBUS RTU
Power Supply
5Vdc / 100mA
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