General Details

Solar Power Control System
Type “SPCS 4 (5,5) – 400”

The Solar Power Control System” – SPCS 4 (5.5) – 400 drives are designed to be built in autonomous solar pump installations. The device is intended for direct supply the pump’s three phase AC induction motor.

The drive is for outdoor installation. It implements user friendly plug & play design for quick installation and fan less design. After installation the drive could work in automatic mode and there is no need of additional adjustments.

The drive is compatible and easy to operate with different types of water pumps.

The system implements water level control functionality and could use up to two sets of liquid level sensors (electrodes).


Techical Info
ModelSPCS 4-400SPCS 5,5-400
Output Ratings
Applicable AC Induction Motor Power4,0 kW / 5,5 HP5,5 kW / 7,5 HP
Output Voltage (Rated Motor Voltage)3P 380/400/415 V AC3P 380/400/415 V AC
Output Frequency (min and max frequency software adjustable in service mode)0-60 Hz, Variable Frequency Drive0-60 Hz, Variable Frequency Drive
Output Current (Rated Motor Current)11,0 A14,0 A
Input Ratings
Max Input Voltage (V oc )850 V DC850 V DC
MPPT Range550 – 630 V DC550 – 630 V DC
Number of String Inputs12
Recommended min PV input power at STC5,2 kWp10,0 kWp
(20 PV x 250 Wp)2 x (20 PV x 250 Wp)
System Data
Degree of Protection
IP 55
Operation Temperature
-10ºC / + 50ºC
LED Indication
Ready / Run / Alarm
Operation Mode
Manual Run / Stop switch
RS 232/485 / MODBUS RTU
Built-in Electronic Protections
Over Voltage, Short Circuit, Over Load, Earth Fault, Output Phase Interruption, Overheating, Reverse Polarity, Dry Run
Service mode trough RS port by “Drive Remote Control Panel”
Frequency Adjustment (minimal and reference values)
Acceleration / Deceleration Time Adjustment (ramps)
Motor Voltage Adjustment
System Diagnostic
Displaying: DC Voltage / AC Voltage / Output Frequency / Motor Phase Current
Complementary Options

System management through digital inputs
Water (Liquid) Level Control:
Ø    Water well high/low level with LED indication;
Ø    Reservoir high/low level with LED indication;
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