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Solar Power Inverter Module – Hybrid

Solar Power Inverter Module / Hybrid (SPIM / H) are variable frequency drives for three phase induction motors in solar pumping systems. The inverters have a hybrid power input. They could be supplied simultaneously from a 1-phase AC power grid and from a PV array (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1 – Example diagram of a typical SPIM / H application

The inverter module works in a proportional mode, when it is supplied from both, an AC grid and PV panels, the device consumes the maximum possible energy from the PV array and, if the solar energy is not enough to feed the pump, then it consumes the rest necessary energy from the AC power grid.

The SPIM / H module could be supplied only from one of the power sources. An outside automation system could be implemented for the control of the drives operation and for monitoring of the system parameters.

Techical Info
ModelSPIM/H 0,8-230SPIM/H 1,5-230SPIM/H 3,0-230
Output Ratings
Applicable AC Induction Motor Power0,8 kW / 2,0 HP1,5 kW / 3,0 HP3,0 kW / 4,0 HP
Output Voltage (Rated Motor Voltage)3P 230 V AC3P 230 V AC3P 230 V AC
Output Frequency (min and max frequency software adjustable in service mode)0÷60 Hz, Variable Frequency Drive0÷60 Hz, Variable Frequency Drive0÷60 Hz, Variable Frequency Drive
Output Current (Rated Motor Current)4,5 A7,6 A14,3 A
Input Ratings
Max Input PV Voltage (V oc )650 V DC650 V DC650 V DC
MPPT Range360 - 525 V DC360 - 525 V DC360 - 525 V DC
Input DC Current (max)8 A DC16 A DC16 A DC
PV Array
N x (13÷16 PV x 250 Wp) *
Input AC Grid Voltage1P 230 V AC1P 230 V AC1P 230 V AC
AC Grid Voltage Frequency50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz
Input AC Current (max)7 A rms11 A rms21 A rms
System Data
Degree of Protection
IP 20
Operation Temperature
-10ºC / + 50ºC
4-Digit 7-Segment LED Indicator
Operation Mode
Manual Run / Stop switch
RS 232/485 / MODBUS RTU
Built-in Electronic Protections
Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Short Circuit, Over Load, Earth Fault, Output Phase Interruption, Overheating, Reverse Polarity, Dry Run
Service mode by “Drive Remote Control Panel” or “Drive Control Panel”
Frequency Adjustment (minimal and reference values)
Acceleration / Deceleration Time Adjustment (ramps)
Motor Voltage Adjustment
System Diagnostic
Displaying: DC Voltage / AC Voltage / Output Frequency / Motor Phase Current
Complementary Options

System management through digital inputs
Water (Liquid) Level Control:
Ø    Water well high / low level with LED indication;
Ø    Reservoir high / low level with LED indication;
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